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Informative booklet on weed management – contact us for a copy or download via the link

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Local indigenous plant nurseries

Wombat Nursery – opposite the Bullarto School.  Roadside display of plants for sale.

Rowsley Community Plant Nursery – 1327 Glenmore Rd, Glenmore.  ph 0459 622 588  Open by appointment only.

Grow Wild

While written for the Hepburn Shire, it is applicable for Blackwood and districts where the climate regime overlaps.

Available from the Trentham Post Office for $15.

What is soil texture? Soil texture refers to the proportion of sand, silt, and clay in a soil. Texture influences almost every aspect of soil use, both in agricultural and engineering applications, and even how natural ecosystems function. Many scientists consider soil texture the most important soil property as it can influence soil/water relationships, gas exchange, and plant nutrition.

Soil is our fundamental terrestrial asset. Along with sunlight, air and water, soil provides the basis for all terrestrial life – biodiversity, crops, animal products