About us

Blackwood & Barry’s Reef Landcare Group has been around for over 20 years. We are a group of local residents who are passionate about actively caring for the land, waterways, plants, animals, fungi…all the natural beauty of a very special part of Victoria. We undertake weed management, revegetation, citizen science activities and have fun along the way!

Our general meetings are held bimonthly at either the community room of the Blackwood Hall or the Blackwood Uniting Church St Martin’s Chapel.

Because much of our area of interest is in public (state/local government) ownership, an important role for us is coordinating with the public land managers regarding weed management.  Our members report weed outbreaks before they become too large and costly to manage. And local residents can also do their part in stopping weeds escaping into the surrounding forest.

As a member of Landcare Victoria Inc and also Moorabool Landcare Network, Blackwood & Barry’s Reef Landcare Group taps into the resources of the wider Landcare “family”.

Our area of interest